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VenaSeal Vein Treatment in Mesa, AZ

VenaSeal Vein Treatment is a minimally invasive procedure used in the treatment of venous disease. It is an outpatient procedure performed under ultrasound guidance and utilizes a special adhesive that seals the inside of the abnormal veins. Before the procedure, the physician begins the process by using ultrasound technology to examine the leg and look for the exact location of the veins to be treated. During the procedure, the physician administers an anesthetic to keep you comfortable and inserts a catheter into the treatment area. The physician uses the catheter to deliver a special adhesive to the inside of the veins, which seals the veins off and reroutes blood to healthier vessels. Most patients feel very little discomfort during the procedure, aside from a needle prick when anesthesia is administered and the slight pressure of the catheter. After the treatment is complete, the surgeon places a bandage on the site. In most cases, patients can go home soon after the procedure is over. Normal activity can usually be resumed within a couple of days after VenaSeal vein treatment. The procedure causes very few side effects and carries very little risk. In fact, the risk of nerve injury with this procedure is much lower than with alternative treatments.

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Procedure Highlights

  • Outpatient procedure with very little down time
  • Few side effects and low risk of complications
  • Lower risk of injury to nerves near treated veins
  • Positive patient outcomes with excellent results
  • Most patients are able to resume normal activity soon after the procedure is complete

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