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Vein Mapping Ultrasound in Mesa, AZ

If you experience pain or swelling in one or both legs, your physician may order a vein mapping ultrasound to determine if you have venous reflux disease and what treatment options are available if needed.

A vein mapping ultrasound is a noninvasive, painless procedure used to identify abnormalities in the veins. During the procedure, a clear gel is applied to the skin of the targeted area, and a transducer is placed over various locations on your legs to produce images of the internal venous structures. This procedure uses no radiation, dyes, or needles.

Tri-City Vein Center Preparation Instructions for Vein Mapping Testing

  • Please arrive for your vein mapping test properly hydrated. Please drink eight glasses of water a day the week leading up to your test. This includes the day of your vein mapping testing if possible.
  • If you normally take a diuretic (water pill):
    • If taking once a day, do not take medication the day before your test and the day of your test. You may take it that day once testing is completed.
    • If taking twice a day, do not take the morning of the vein mapping testing but resume following the testing.
  • Please avoid caffeine intake the day of testing.
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing and/or be prepared to remove shorts/pants.
  • If you have open wounds that require dressings, be prepared to have the bandages removed for your vein mapping to get the best results. If need be, we recommend you schedule wound care appointments around your vein mapping appointment. You may prefer to go to wound care following the test or the day after.

This test takes 45-60 minutes to complete.

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