Radiofrequency Ablation for Arthritis Back, Neck, and Joint Pain

May 15, 2018 • • RFA

Back, neck and joint pain from arthritis or other causes can be debilitating for many patients. This type of pain affects millions of people all over the United States, leading to days missed at work, frustration and even disability. Finding effective treatments for this type of pain can be a challenge. However, one treatment that shows promise for patients with this type of pain is radiofrequency ablation. 

What Is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is a treatment option that works by bombarding nerves with radiofrequency energy. This energy heats the nerves and limits their abilities to send pain signals to the brain. To access the nerves, the doctor typically uses a thin catheter placed beneath the skin. 

This treatment is often effective at reducing chronic pain among patients who struggle with arthritis. The exact results a patient can expect vary, but pain relief can last for six to 12 months or even longer in some cases. The risks associated with this treatment option are minimal. It is not considered invasive, and patients are typically able to return home shortly after the operation is complete. 

When Is Radiofrequency Ablation Appropriate?

Because there aren’t many risks associated with radiofrequency ablation, it is an appropriate treatment for most patients who have chronic neck, back and/or joint pain related to arthritis. However, if you have an active infection or a bleeding disorder, radiofrequency ablation may not be the right treatment option for you. 

Radiofrequency ablation can also be used to treat patients who have venous reflux disease. In these patients, a thin catheter is threaded into the diseased vein and used to deliver radiofrequency energy to the vein’s interior. This causes the vein to collapse and be absorbed by the body. To learn more about radiofrequency ablation for venous reflux disease, please contact Tri-City Vein Center today and schedule an appointment with an experienced vein doctor. 


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