Jaskamal Kahlon, MD, FACC

Peripheral Vascular

Dr. Jaskamal Kahlon is Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Echocardiography, Interventional Cardiology, Internal Medicine, and Nuclear Cardiology.  He completed his Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency at the St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at Emory University and his Residency in Cardiology.



  • Phoenix magazine’s “Top Docs” in Cardiology.
  • Press Ganey Associates, a renowned research firm, ranks Dr. Kahlon in the top 15th percentile in the country among physicians whose patients would likely recommend his practice to friends and family.
  • First Division in all medical school professional exams Dean’s List, Christian Medical College and Hospital Intern of the year, St. John Hospital & Medical Center Case of the Week, Annual Radiology Award.


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