How Long Does it Take Before You can Walk After Sclerotherapy?

June 10, 2018 • • Vein Treatment

When you receive sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins, you can walk the moment you get up from the treatment table. However, you must limit strenuous exercise for a few days, with the exact number of days decided by your vein doctor. Your vascular surgeon will often allow you to begin vigorous workouts three days after treatment. However, since every human body is different, your vein doctor may instruct you to wait a little longer before continuing with strenuous activity. After-treatment instructions depend upon the number of veins treated, your age, overall condition, medical history and more. Your sclerotherapy treatment and aftercare at Tri-City Vein Center in Mesa, AZ, is always customized for your specific needs. 

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment: What’s Involved

Sclerotherapy is the go-to treatment that experienced vein doctors use to banish malfunctioning varicose veins. This treatment, along with our other state-of-the-art options, is very effective, while also relatively pain-free and quick for the patient. During sclerotherapy treatment, your vein doctor injects a sclerosing solution into the varicose vein. The chemical irritates the lining of the diseased varicose vein and causes it to close up, so that bulging, discolored varicose veins heal. The minimally-invasive procedure helps eliminate any symptoms you may have had from your varicose veins, like pain, itching, heaviness and poor circulation. the procedure also helps restore the appearance of your legs, by banishing the blue, red or purple, bulging veins. Your legs will look and feel great after the short healing period.

As mentioned, patients are typically allowed to resume normal exercise levels in just a few days, and they generally walk out of our Mesa AZ vein center immediately after the short treatment. In fact, non-strenuous walking is encouraged, because it helps to begin the healing process and helps prevent complications like blood clots, which are extremely rare. Walking helps restore good circulation as blood flow is naturally re-routed around the area, through your nearby healthy leg veins. 

Short Recovery After Sclerotherapy

After your procedure, you will likely have a few bruises around the injection sites. Bruising will gradually fade over several days and may take a few weeks to fade completely. Your doctor will schedule a follow up as needed. People with varicose veins tend to develop new ones over time, so you will likely need touch-up vein treatments in future to maintain smooth, healthy leg veins. 

Convenient Sclerotherapy Treatment in Mesa, AZ

When you visit our practice, you’ll receive expert treatment for varicose veins and other vascular diseases. Our doctors offer all types of advanced, minimally invasive treatment options to help free you from varicose veins, potential blood clots, and other vascular or circulatory problems. In some cases, we may recommend simple lifestyle changes or conservative therapies like compression stockings. For personalized varicose vein treatment in Mesa, contact Tri-City Vein Center today.


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