Does CBD Oil Minimize the Size of Varicose Veins?

December 1, 2020 • karnold • Varicose Veins
cbd oil varicose veins

CBD Oil Is Another Highly Considered Home Remedy for Varicose Veins

While looking for home remedies for varicose veins, you’ve probably seen CBD oil as an option. CBD oil, which comes from hemp plants, contains compounds that are associated with pain relief and other effects. Is this kind of oil effective at minimizing the size of varicose veins, though? It’s important to learn more about using CBD (cannabidiol) oil for vein problems before attempting this kind of home remedy.

Unfortunately, CBD Oil Doesn’t Cure Varicose Veins

The bad news is that CBD oil won’t really treat or cure varicose veins. This type of oil has properties that are used for easing chronic pain and relieving other symptoms, such as restless leg syndrome. Since these can be symptoms of varicose veins, CBD oil is sometimes claimed to cure this vein problem. Using this oil won’t get rid of these issues, though, and you should always talk to your doctor first before trying any kind of home remedy for varicose veins.

What You Can Do to Get Rid of Varicose Veins

While CBD oil won’t work at minimizing the size of varicose veins, you can do other things to help this vein problem. A few ways to help manage symptoms on your own include getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding being on your feet or sitting for extended periods of time. Wearing compression stockings might also help. There are also professional ways to treat varicose veins that provide effective relief. These options include the following:
  • Sclerotherapy: This procedure involves having a solution injected into the affected vein. This solution is designed to close the vein off, stopping blood from accumulating in it. Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure that doesn’t require hospitalization or anesthesia.
  • Radiofrequency ablation: Radiofrequency ablation involves using heat in order to seal or close off the affected vein. The heat causes the vein wall to shrink, which closes off the vein and stops blood from getting in.
  • VenaSeal: VenaSeal involves the use of ultrasound technology and an adhesive to seal off the affected vein. This helps prevent blood from pooling up inside the vein, which eases varicose vein symptoms.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

It can take time for varicose veins to collapse after having a procedure done. During the healing process, it’s important to take care of the treated site. Your doctor might recommend wearing compression stockings to ensure that you have good blood flow in the area. You should also continue following healthy lifestyle changes that help prevent varicose veins from developing again, such as losing any excess weight you have, exercising on a regular basis, and taking breaks from standing or sitting for long periods of time.

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